Social Media Support Groups can be very beneficial!

You can meet other parents that are going through similar things as your family, you can ask questions, get advice, and help others!

The main support group our family uses is the Emanuel Syndrome Support Group, this group is private and only open to individuals with Emanuel Syndrome or families/caregivers of individuals with Emanuel Syndrome.

Our family is located in Idaho and the Treasure Valley/Idaho Special Needs Parentsย Facebook group has been very helpful!

Some other groups I’ve found on Facebook:

Fifiandmo Connect

Idaho My Voice, My Choice Network

If you prefer Instagram, try following these hashtags:






AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication Blog: Mummy vs AACย 

These are some of my favorite Instagram accounts:





Littlest Warriorย 




And of course, if you aren’t already connected with us ย –ย JoaquinsLife


Do you have a favorite social media support group or page you like to follow? Please let us know in the comments!