Finding a Support Broker

One of the most important things you’ll need to do if you are approved for the DD Waiver is find a support broker. A great Support Broker will help you use your budget wisely, guide you in the process, and handle things for you as needed. All of this will equal less stress for you. So how do you find the best one? I have some tips for you!

Let me just start off with this… You are not going to get any help at the DD Waiver training on finding the best support broker. You are going to get names, what zone the support broker is in, contact info, and whether the person works with children or adults. That’s it!

The list is long and if you’re like me, clueless, you’re going to be overwhelmed and confused.

So here are my tips on finding the best support broker.

Ask your kiddos therapists.

They work with lots of parents, that night know someone great.ย Bonus: because they know your child (and you) so well they may have the perfect fit.

Ask around

Do you know any other families that are utilizing the DD Waiver? They might have a great support broker that is taking new clients! Did you meet any other parents at the DD Training that have a support broker they use? Just ask! I have found that people are happy to share info at these trainings!

Check the local Facebook group.

Support brokers are always posting in the group that they are accepting new clients, what zone they work in… Check them out!

Determine how involved you want the support broker to be

Are you looking for someone to do it all or are you ready to take on a portion of the load? This is going to help you before you start the interviews.

Set up interviews

Ask questions that are important to you. Of course, make sure you follow the guidelines!!!!


I set up one interview at my home. I wanted this potential support broker to meet Joaquin and really understand what his needs were. The person I interviewed was recommended by one of Joaquin’s therapists and I hired her right away!

The things that were important to me:

  1. Can this person problem solve
  2. How much experience with special needs children do they have
  3. Is this person a self-starter
  4. Can I rely on this individual to make the most out of my child’s budget
  5. How quickly can I expect a response or expect action to be taken

I am very happy with my support broker and I hope these tips have helped you in finding a support broker that is going to fit your familiesย needs!