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Living with Global Developmental Delay - Meeting Milestones at My Own Pace!

Joaquin’s Team

Joaquin’s Team

If raising a little one takes a village, raising a differently abled kiddo takes an army!

Joaquin has the best of the best, not only do they help him achieve new milestones but they genuinely CARE…they support us as a family unit and are always available to help us help him!

Physical Therapy/Craniosacral Therapy

Joaquin PT Lotus Tree

Joaquin has been visiting Ms. Kathy at the Lotus Tree Sensory Integration Center since January 2018. We have seen huge developments since seeing Ms. Kathy and we all absolutely love her! Joaquin currently (July 2018) works on four-point crawling, pulling up to stand, balance and walking. Craniosacral Therapy seems to really relax Joaquin, he’s usually very tense, and it really helps to get him ready for therapy and also help him relax after working hard in the amazing gym.

Occupational Therapy/Aquatic Therapy


Joaquin relaxing at therapy

Joaquins’ week wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the warm waters at Lullaby Waters with his Occupational Therapist, Ms. Nicole. He’s been receiving aquatic therapy at Lullaby Waters since April 2017, the first time he reached out for someone to pick him up was when we arrived at therapy and he saw Ms. Nicole 💛 Joaquin works hard in the pool – they works on balance, reaching, fine motor, and he also gets to relax…sometimes enough to get a little massage by the water jets in the pool! Lullaby Waters is one of his favorite places to be!


Joaquin Sensory Pillows Talk Tools

Joaquin has two speech sessions per week. One to work on Communication, currently (July 2018), using the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and another session to work on oral strength. He has been seeing Ms. Kara at Kids Communicate since January 2018. Ms. Kara makes therapy fun. They play, eat, and get messy..all while putting in some serious work. The oral strength program that they use is from the Talk Tools program, it includes lots of fun tools like a straw program where the straws get more difficult as you advance, fun blow horns, a pre-feeding kit to develop the oral sensory motor skills and bubbles!!