StoryCorps & The Meridian Library

StoryCorps & The Meridian Library

As 2019 comes to an end I’m excited to share this amazing opportunity I (Joaquin’s mom) had this year, it’s something I’m most proud of and was completely unexpected! Growing up I loved books and when I found out I was pregnant with Joaquin I hoped he’d share that love and I’m so amazed and lucky that he does! So when the @meridianlibrary recognized his love of books through his Instagram account and asked me (as 1 of 15 in the community 🤯) to share his story with StoryCorps, share what books mean to him, and share how the library has had an impact on our family I was just blown away. Never did I think my voice would be archived in the Library of Congress and the Benson Collection for Latinx voices in Austin, TX. Never did I think I would have such an amazing way to raise awareness for Emanuel Syndrome 💙💜🙏🏼.

Listen to the Interview Here

StoryCorps Interview

I thought hard on who would be the best person to help me share Joaquin’s story with StoryCorps and really there was just one person, Rachel from @thesensoryproject208 ❤️. Rachel is truly passionate about helping families, she’s so supportive of our family, and she has been so kind & sweet whenever she gets the opportunity to work with Joaquin. She’s an important person in his journey and I can’t thank her enough for the FABULOUS job she did interviewing me 🙏🏼. 
Thank you @meridianlibrary 📚 & thank you Rachel @thesensoryproject208 🖤

Story Corps Interview for the Meridian Library
Our official photo for the Story Corps interview at the Meridian Library.

New: Our interview was featured on the StoryCorps Blog! Listen here!

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