Helping Joaquin with Anxiety

Helping Joaquin with Anxiety

Anxiety is the worst!

I have my own experience with anxiety and although mine is pretty mild (except during pregnancy) it’s still horrible to deal with. Watching Joaquin deal with anxiety is heartbreaking. Joaquin is usually cool as a cucumber, it’s hard to phase him, he’s pretty easy going. That makes his anxiety harder to deal with because it doesn’t happen al the time it’s hard to tell what’s bothering him.

Because we have a hard time pin pointing what could be causing his anxiety we just try our best to keep him calm.

Recently, we came up with a pretty good combo. I noticed one morning that Joaquin seemed bothered, nothing had happened so I thought we’d just move past it. But it got worst. No matter what I did – feed him, let him scoot on the floor, give him his favorite pillow, put on his favorite cartoon..nothing was making it better. I decided to try his compression clothes. Compression clothes aren’t worn too often, in fact his pants were still in the package, but we have them on the advice of his OT. So on went the compression leggings and the compression tank and then I put him in his cocoon swing. Slowly I started to watch him relax, little by little he went from sitting up crying to laying down and relaxing. It was working!

Anxiety Sensory Processing Disorder
Compression Clothes from Kozie Clothes + Cocoon Swing + Daniel Tiger stuffy. A great combo for battling Joaquin’s anxiety

After about 10 minutes of gentle swinging, he was ready to move on with the day and was in a pretty decent mood.

Later we had PT and I let Ms Kathy know about his anxiety earlier that day, we decided to go ahead with PT work in the gym rather than taking it easy and he did great! Throughout the rest of the day he still wasn’t fully free of that anxiety, we did some more gentle swinging in the evening, we read his favorite books and just let him relax.

Anxiety Sensory Processing Disorder
Finally relaxed in his cocoon swing & compression clothes. Bye Anxiety!

We will never know what brings on Joaquin’s anxiety, it used to come out when he would work on new positions and transitioning into different positions..basically when his body was not comfortable. But now, well we aren’t sure. We are thankful that it doesn’t happen often and lucky that we can problem solve and find ways to keep him calm!

Any tips? Would love to hear how you help your child through anxiety.

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