Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

๐Ÿšจ SWAT is in the building ๐Ÿš“!!!

Halloween hasn’t really been a big thing for us in the past. Joaquin’s first Halloween he was only 6 months old so it was more about dressing him up to look cute. Second Halloween was still pretty cute he was Superman and we had started noticing his delays, we trick or treated at Aunties house and visited Uncle at work, he was still pretty small so carrying him wasn’t a problem. Joaquin’sย third Halloween his delays were very apparent, he had also just received his gait trainer, and he had an 8-month-old baby sister…carrying him around was not an option! It wasn’t the best Halloween, there were no super cute costumes like there should have been, it was a bit of a bummer and Dad was working really long hours so we just didn’t do anything.


But this Halloween….this Halloween was going to be different!


Joaquin has been doing great in his walker and we decided to make his walker a part of his costume. What an awesome way to turn the confused stares as he walks by into “oohs and ahhs”. Joaquin was a SWAT officer with his very own SWAT vehicle! It was adorable and it was a huge hit as we trick or treated indoors at his Uncle’s work!

Joaquin SWAT 2

There were a couple falls, with all of the commotion and Mom & Dad helping little sister trick or treat, Joaquin ended up falling twice. The second time he cut his lip and we decided to take him home. He was fine but it was a reminder that with all the progress he’s been making (Yay!) there’s still work to be done!

Still, even with the falls, it’s so important that we help him participate as much as we can! He deserves to enjoy everything that other kiddos enjoy and we never want to limit him!

Joaquin SWAT Halloween

So how did we make this SWAT vehicle?

Well, I’m not the craftiest of Mom’s but I did my best! We used a large cardboard box, measured the sides and cut them to the appropriate size, then using duct tape I connected the three pieces. Next up was a lot of spray paint! I purchased some stencils and using some white craft paint and a sponge brush I painted the letters in.

Dad took over at this point. He used black zip ties and tied it to his walker, he used an LED flashlight, carved out a place for it and taped it down with duct tape on the inside so it wouldn’t be visible. Then he attached the “radio” that came with the costume to the front of the SWAT vehicle.

It looked great! But I felt like it was missing something.

I ran to the store a couple of hours before we were going to leave and purchased some red and blue craft paint, rushed home and painted the lights! Now it was done!

Total Cost:

  • Spray Paint – $6
  • Red & Blue Craft Paint – $3
  • Stencils – $4

$13!!! We had everything else laying around the house!

Joaquin SWAT


We hope you had a very Happy Halloween!!! ๐Ÿ‘ป

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