Parent Teacher Conference Time

Parent Teacher Conference Time

We had Joaquin’s first parent teacher conference this week and learned some great things about what Joaquin’s been up to at school!

🔹He’s seeking out help! He’ll grab a teacher’s hand and put it on a toy, book, tablet…something he wants to continue playing with or needs help with!

🔹He’s showing interest in his classmates! Huge goal is socializing. When he first started school he preferred to play on his own but he’s now staying with his peers for playtime!

🔹He’s recognizing routine! He used to try and scoot away at circle time – now he recognizes when the teachers say it’s time for circle time and is excited. He’s anticipating the different activities that happen every day!

🔹His classmates love him, try to help him and are eager to play with him 💙💙💙💙 That last one got me a little teary eyed 🤗


His teacher finished off with “I’m so glad I get to have him for another year after this, I just love him” 💙 It’s so hard sending your kiddos off to school and especially difficult (for me) knowing that Joaquin can’t tell me about anything that happens. But we are so lucky that he’s surrounded by great people who truly care!

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