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AFO’s – Ankle Foot Orthotics

AFO’s – Ankle Foot Orthotics

AFO’s, Ankle Foot Orthotics.

These are Joaquin’s AFO’s, they were made from a cast of his foot so they fit him perfectly. Our orthotist, Paul at Brownfields in Meridian, is a perfectionist so the quality is amazing and they are made by techs at Brownfields. I’ve had a lot of questions about them so I thought I’d share some info!

WHY does Joaquin wear them?

A lot of people think that he needs them to walk, which is not the case. Joaquin wears AFO’s for two reasons:

  1. He has flat feet. The AFO’s are made in a way that they help create a curve in the bottom of his feet.
  2. He has foot pronation. Foot pronation is where his feet curve OUT along the inner side of his feet instead of curving IN. The AFO’s have a mold inside to help push that curve in!
AFO side view
You can see the AFO’s have a curve on the bottom and some padding on the interior side.


When we were talking with his orthotist and former PT about what type of orthotic would be best for Joaquin we decided to go with the AFO’s, over the shorter SMO’s, they go up his calf so they help provide him with some stability while standing. The more support the better right?!

When Joaquin uses his AFO’s for standing they give him extra support!


Joaquin doesn’t mind his AFO’s at all! We have never noticed that they hurt him and other than taking a little longer to get him ready they don’t impact our lives much at all!

Designs, Shoes & Socks

There were so many designs to choose from but we went with the digicamo 💚

We use Smart Knit socks that we roll down over the top of the AFO’s so that the socks don’t creep down.  Our favorite pair of shoes to use with the AFO’s are the New Balance 990 with Velcro. Definitely take your kiddo in with their orthotics on and try shoes out 👍🏼 and don’t forget to take the sole out!

New Balance 990

Anything you’d like to know about our experience with orthotics??



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