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Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

It was feeling like Summer Summer Summer Time today😎

Joaquin had some water table fun made possible by his @riftonequipment #GaitTrainer 👍🏼

This gait trainer, that was provided to him by the Wheel to Walk Foundation,  has allowed Joaquin to do so many things he may not have had access to before, and today was a perfect example!

We get asked a lot about his gait trainer… “What is it?” “Is it a walker” “can he stand?” … Joaquin can stand assisted, like in his gait trainer, supported by an adult, or he can stand against a wall or couch (supervised and briefly). Standing is definitely a HUGE goal! It’s a big milestone and we look forward to the day where he is able to do that!!

So what is a gait trainer? It’s a piece of medical equipment and it can come with as little support as you need or lots of support. Joaquin’s gait trainer has chest support and hand loops, this combo helps support him to stand and also helps him walk. Now we can add to the list… It can also help him have summer fun!! ☀️.

Hope you were able to enjoy some sunshine this weekend!!


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