Wheel To Walk

“The Wheel to Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children with disabilities, 20 years and younger,ย obtain medical equipment or services not provided by insurance. We purchase items such as therapy tricycles, adaptive strollers, shower chairs, pumper cars, zip zac chairs, selective communication devices, gait trainers, speech therapy and wheelchairs, to name a few. Our organization strongly believes that no child or young adult with special needs go without items that could improve the quality of his or her daily life.

If you live in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or California and need assistance with anything from leg braces, bath chairs, gait trainers to therapy tricycles and wheelchairs, please contact them and they will then send you an application.”ย ย http://www.wheeltowalk.com/application

Consider donating $10 to this amazing foundation! Wheel to Walk Donate

Joaquin received his Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer from Wheel to Walk in the Fall of 2017. Since then the wonderful, kind people at this amazing foundation have emailed asking how he’s doing, they’ve sent sweet emails and they have chosen Joaquin’s photo (in the header) to use for an upcoming fundraising event! Not only did this foundation provide him with much needed medical equipment, that we couldn’t afford, but they have really become a part of his support group.

Joaquin Wheel to Walk
Joaquin shortly after he received his lime green gait trainer from Wheel to Walk

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